Unlike traditional MCT, MediLynx delivers True Full Disclosure™ through its advanced MCT to give you the full picture. Traditional MCT only intermittently transmits patient data through snapshots or extrapolations of ECG data, whereas the MediLynx Advanced MCT™ delivers continuous ECG transmission.
Transmits, analyzes, and annotates every heartbeat during a patient study
Correlates arrhythmia to symptom and patient activity
Provides the onset and offset of every arrhythmia

True Full Disclosure™ from the MediLynx Arrhythmia Diagnostics Platform™ gives you the most complete and accurate visibility into your patients’ heart health.

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It all starts with PocketECG®

PocketECG transmits True Full Disclosure™ patient data across all modalities. It’s an advanced remote cardiac monitoring solution that’s easy for patients to use and indispensable for closely monitoring their heart health.

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MediLynx leverages a multilayered, convolutional neural network to analyze all PocketECG data against our database of 260 billion heartbeats—more than a half-billion hours of continuous ECG data.

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More than 100 certified ECG technicians—with more than 550,000 hours of collective training—evaluate, verify, and document near-real-time transmission of all patient data to ensure heart rhythm irregularities aren’t missed.

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MediLynx has worked tirelessly to earn a reputation for the highest quality reporting in the industry. We provide True Full Disclosure™ in streamlined, accurate end-of-study reports. The at-a-glance clinical reference view and detailed reporting of every heartbeat delivers confidence in your next steps of care.