Comprehensive, detailed diagnostic reporting

The MediLynx Arrhythmia Diagnostics Platform™ delivers True Full Disclosure™ through streamlined, detailed reports. Our comprehensive library of reports—urgent, cumulative, and end-of-study—deliver the data you need to make the best clinical decisions to elevate the standard of care.

From the most in-depth reporting to concise summaries, you have access to all the data you need—in the most helpful formats—about your patients’ heart health.

MediLynx at-a-glance clinical reference view

When you need essential patient heart data, you may not have time to delve into every line of a report. Our MCT at-a-glance clinical reference view gives you a statistical summary with the most critical monitoring information you need to make an accurate and timely diagnosis. It includes:

Graphical Arrhythmia Summary

A graphical arrhythmia summary with a pie chart that presents arrhythmia burden for each major arrhythmia type during the test period

Patient-Triggered Event Summary

A patient-triggered event summary including number of symptoms, correlation with arrhythmia, and most frequent arrhythmia type

Atrial Fibrillation Summary

An atrial fibrillation summary, with the most clinically significant strips prominently featured

Sinus Rhythm Summary

A sinus rhythm summary with both normal sinus and sinus bradycardia critical events identified

Pause and Block Summary

A pause and block summary showing the most clinically relevant information on missed beats, pauses, and asystoles

VT/SVT Summary

A VT/SVT summary analyzed in detail to include single ectopic beats (PVC and PAC) as well as couplets, triplets, and runs >4 beats

Diagnostic Findings

Diagnostic findings summarizing the statistical data collected and analyzed during the monitoring session

Statistical breakdown of the at-a-glance clinical reference view

As you dive deeper into our comprehensive reports, you are able to view the clinically significant information from the at-a-glance clinical reference view with more contextual detail. You’ll see:

Rate vs. arrhythmia distribution

A graphical analysis of patients’ heart rate distribution while in sinus rhythm and AF

A physical activity vs. inactivity summary

A graphical representation of correlations between symptoms, arrhythmia, and physical activity

An arrhythmia trend report

An arrhythmia trend report in a calendar view featuring a day-by-day trend of heart rate and arrhythmia events, including AF and HRV trending

A daily breakdown

A daily breakdown that provides burdens and beat-to-beat statistical analysis to quickly identify trends

An urgent report, triggered according to the customizable Physician Notification Criteria (PNC), shows representative, time-stamped, fully annotated ECG strips from each arrhythmia category.

Image of a physician reviewing data on a screen

Our Clinician Portal allows you to view every heartbeat for MCT and Holter sessions via an online portal for both near real-time view and in depth evaluation.

Image of a physician on a computer looking at data

You can deploy the MediLynx Reports Downloader™ in minutes on any Windows-based workstation or server. It simplifies report acquisition and gives you the ability to directly import comprehensive End-of-Study (EOS) reports into your EHR.

Image of a technician in an office space

In addition to superior diagnostic reporting, MediLynx operates as an extension of your practice.