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MediLynx provides financial assistance for medical services to eligible individuals.

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Responsible Party Information


Non-Employment Income

If any income from sources other than full or part-time employment exists, please identify it below.

Income Verification

Please provide income verification for all sources of household income. Acceptable documents include:

• Paycheck Remittance (3 mos.) • Employer Verification • IRS Form W-2
• Bank Statements (3 mos.) • Determination Letters (Social Security, Workers Compensation, Unemployment) • Governmental Assistance (FoodStamps, CDIC, Medicaid, TANF)
• Tax Return (most recent)
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Household Information

Please provide the total number of people in the patient's household. This number should only include the Patient/Responsible Party, Spouse, and Patient/Responsible Party's Dependents living within the same household.

Assets and Other Resources

Do you have any assets or other resources available to you?(Examples include savings accounts, trusts, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, mutual funds, etc.)
Do you have medical insurance?

Do you have a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account?