The superior data and reporting of the MediLynx Arrhythmia Diagnostics Platform™ is not only a huge benefit to your patients—it is also tremendously helpful for your practice.
With the highest diagnostic yield available1, MediLynx gives you a new level of confidence when determining a patient’s next steps of care—confidence that can translate into better outcomes.

Comprehensive analysis of every heartbeat with True Full Disclosure™

Many telemetry systems don’t show you everything you need to see in a patient’s heartbeat to determine what’s causing a potential arrhythmia. They may only give you snapshots of time or fail to transmit the onset or offset of every arrhythmia.

MediLynx is different. MediLynx delivers True Full Disclosure—the transmission, analysis, and annotation of every heartbeat and verification of every arrhythmia— from a single, integrated device.

You will see:

Every heartbeat transmitted, annotated, and analyzed for all modalities
Every onset and offset of every arrhythmia of any duration
Complete capture and calculation of arrhythmia burdens, including AF/AFL burden
All activity correlated to arrhythmia symptoms
Daily PVC and PAC counts with no extrapolations
Intra-study intervention in near-real time

True Full Disclosure is made possible with the MediLynx Arrhythmia Diagnostics Platform™, and it starts with PocketECG®.

Image of PocketECG

PocketECG® is easy for your patients to use

Your patients will appreciate how easy it is to use PocketECG, our integrated arrhythmia diagnostics device. It features:

  • Simple setup with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Intuitive, highly visible, built-in selections on the home screen that make it easy to report symptoms
  • Single-piece design with hassle-free charging and built-in cellular communications that eliminate the need for tethered devices

Plus, if no ECG signal is continuously detected, MediLynx Technical Service Specialists will contact your patients to help them reconnect.

PocketECG can easily switch between Holter, extended Holter, event, and telemetry modes without requiring your patient to visit your office or switch devices.

Closeup image of a report

Hospital-grade Telemetry

Many arrhythmias go undetected because traditional mobile cardiac telemetry devices that rely on patient-triggered or algorithm-triggered events often miss arrhythmia onsets and offsets. The hospital-grade telemetry of PocketECG delivers the highest diagnostic yield1 so you can accurately identify and treat arrhythmias correctly the first time.

Image of a satisfied patient and physician

A seamless experience for your practice

MediLynx goal is to operate as an extension of your practice.

  • Intercepting problems at the patient level
  • Delivering outstanding clinical services and support
  • Giving you tools for seamless EHR integration

Our customer service is every bit as remarkable as our technology.

1New Research Demonstrates Online ECG Monitoring is More Effective than Offline and Patch Methods to Detect Paroxysmal Arrhythmia”, Medicalgorithmics Press Release, May 8, 2018