EHR Integration

MediLynx provides Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration, allowing our customers to seamlessly share ECG reports and data between our system and yours.

PocketECG Connect streamlines workflow so your team can focus on patient care, not paperwork. For more information, email

PocketECG Connect EHR Integration services

By seamlessly and securely sharing ECG data and reports between our platform and your EHR solution, PocketECG Connect streamlines the prescriptive and result workflows, enabling your team to focus on patient care rather than paperwork.

Quality data, quality care

Manual data entry doesn’t just degrade workflow, it introduces opportunity for transcription errors which can adversely impact patient care. PocketECG Connect mitigates these risks, ensuring orders are processed correctly and results are delivered when and where they’re needed.

Key benefits of PocketECG Connect

  • Order tests and receive results directly in your EHR
  • Simplify workflow and reduce administrative burden
  • Improve patient care with faster result delivery
  • Enhanced patient metrics and reporting
  • Simplified deployment for standard-compliant EHRs
  • Securely transmits patient data
  • No onside vendor hardware or software required

Simple Process, Custom Solution

Each EHR implementation is unique, so our integration team works with your staff and EHR provider to understand your goals and ensure impeccable integration.


System Requirements: EHR solution supporting HL7 V2 or higher | TLS 1.2 for secure communications