Our promise means we’ll be there to take care of our customers. From our field sales team and customer service staff to our technical/research and development team and administrative staff, the entire MediLynx team is focused on providing the technology and tools, data and insights, service and support that clinicians and their patients need.
We are problem-solvers

We continually seek to simplify your arrhythmia diagnostic challenges.

We are an extension of your practice

We are proactive about the escalation of urgent situations according to your protocols.

We are thorough in our pursuit of discovery

That matters to you and advances the standard of care for your patients.

We are a responsive partner

We respond quickly, and we seek to know your needs specifically—your specialties and how you serve your patients.

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MediLynx is setting the new standard for arrhythmia diagnostics through our robust services and technology, and extraordinary customer service. Together, we are building a collaborative culture that fosters the highest standard of accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness to improve outcomes for patients and clinicians.

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To be a global leader in arrhythmia diagnostics through superior technology and services that improve patient quality of life and elevate the standard of care.