MediLynx Awarded Patent for Outpatient ECG Monitoring and Home-Based Cardiac Tele-rehabilitation

PLANO, TX – MEDICALgorithmics S.A. (WSE: MDG) and U.S. subsidiary Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring L.L.C., today announced the companies have received a broad patent (US Patent No. 9,846,764) for a new outpatient ECG monitoring and home-based cardiac tele-rehabilitation system, for use in both low and high risk cardiovascular patients. The system is currently under review with the Food and Drug Administration.

“We’ve applied learnings from our world-class remote arrhythmia monitoring system, PocketECG, to advance remote cardiac rehabilitation, providing physicians with real-time streaming of the full disclosure ECG signal, physical activity and symptom monitoring, and holter quality reporting to more accurately monitor and care for their heart patients,” said Marek Dziubinski, PhD, CEO of MEDICALgorithmics and inventor of the technology.

Cardiac rehabilitation or medically supervised exercise training has been clinically proven to improve the health and recovery of patients with cardiovascular disease. It is highly recommended by the American Heart Association for patients with acute myocardial infarction or heart attack, chronic stable angina, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), cardiac valve surgery, stable, chronic heart failure, and cardiac transplantation.

A Cochrane systematic review showed similar clinical and quality of life benefits for patients that completed home-based cardiac rehabilitation programs compared with center-based programs, but noted that low utilization of cardiac rehabilitation programs suggests the need for more home-based or remote monitoring.1

Now available in other parts of the world, the new Medicalgorithmics system and online portal provides physicians the ability to actively monitor patient recovery round-the-clock and makes it easy for patients. The monitor consists of a single lead smart phone-sized device. Exercise modules built into the monitor control the intensity of a patient’s exercise based on their real-time heart rate. A built-in accelerometer allows for better tracking of physical activity and more accurate heart rate analysis.

All data is continuously transmitted to a physician or monitoring center, so the patient’s heart is constantly monitored and urgent issues identified. If any ECG abnormalities are detected, the patient is informed to stop the exercise and contact medical personnel. Serious abnormalities are automatically detected and the physician/monitoring center alerted.

“Medi-Lynx is excited to bring this new technology and service to market, and partner with physicians to improve patient recovery after a cardiac event and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmission,” said Andrew Bogdan, CEO of Medi-Lynx, LLC.

About MEDICALgorithmics S.A.
MEDICALgorithmics S.A. (WSE: MDG) is a leader in cardiac monitoring and diagnostic solutions. Its PocketECG system is used for remote monitoring of cardiac disorders, arrhythmia diagnosis, and heart-rate monitoring around the world, and used in clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy of new therapeutic methods.

MEDICALgorithmics is developing several other products, including a device for cardiac rehabilitation, software for optimizing repetitive tasks in hospitals, and algorithms for remote interpretation of multi-lead electrocardiography (ECG) signals. The Company also provides services in the field of information technology, biotechnology and scientific research. Based in Poland, MEDICALgorithmics operates in the United States through MEDICALGORITHMICS US HOLDING CORPORATION and its US subsidiary and service provider Medi-Lynx.

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About Medi-Lynx
Medi-Lynx Cardiac Monitoring LLC, is the US service provider and subsidiary of MEDICALgorithmics S.A., delivering best-in-class cardiac diagnostic solutions and service to enable the best possible care for patients. The Company’s team of highly-trained technicians and customer care specialists work seamlessly to provide round-the-clock monitoring, reporting, training and support for cardiology practices and their patients. To learn more, visit

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