Your heart is an amazing creation, beating more than 30 million times a year. When its rhythm is disrupted—an irregularity called an arrhythmiait’s a sign that your health needs to be more closely monitored.

Data about the health of your heart can help your clinician rule out any abnormalities or make a diagnosis. If you’ve already been diagnosed with an arrhythmia, your doctor may use the PocketECG® Integrated Arrhythmia Diagnostics System to determine an effective treatment plan.

The more complete and accurate the collected data is, the more confidence your clinician can have about what to do next.

True Full Disclosure™

MediLynx has developed technology that records, transmits, and analyzes your every heartbeat from a single, integrated device. This True Full Disclosure™ gives your clinician unparalleled visibility into the health of your heart.

It starts with PocketECG®, a wearable heart monitor that’s easy for you to use while you go about your daily life.

Image of PocketECG


PocketECG is MediLynx’s patented integrated arrhythmia diagnostics device that delivers remote hospital-grade monitoring. PocketECG captures, transmits, annotates, and analyzes every heartbeat—in near-real time—for up to 30 days.

The device is designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Simple and Easy

Simple setup with easy-to-follow instructions


Intuitive, highly visible options on the PocketECG home screen make it easy for you to report symptoms

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 access to our in-house customer support

Continuous and Automatic

Single-piece design with built-in cellular communications that continuously records and transmits your heart’s every heartbeat

Comprehensive and Accurate

Comprehensive heart monitoring that captures a more accurate picture of your heart’s health

Built-in Movement Sensor

A built-in movement sensor that continuously and automatically monitors your physical activity, helping your doctor distinguish between arrhythmias occurring during activity and when you’re at rest