Understanding Insurance & Our Billing Process

MediLynx is certified and enrolled as a Medicare Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) and is in-network with select insurance plans.

We take pride in working diligently to achieve the best possible financial outcome for our patients and look forward to assisting you throughout your patient journey with MediLynx. Please let us know if we can answer additional questions to help make the financial side of your experience with us as easy as possible, so you can focus on your health and wellness. Our team of patient billing advocates are available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, at 855-847-0780 to address common questions related to insurance, billing, and financial assistance.

Our Billing Process

Once monitoring services are completed, MediLynx will submit a claim to your insurance company for payment. When the claim is processed, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) advising you of the charges submitted by MediLynx and the amount the insurance company will pay on your behalf, less any unmet coinsurance or deductible(s). Please note that an EOB from your insurance company is not a bill. A statement reflecting your financial responsibility will be mailed separately and come directly from MediLynx.

Prior to sending you a statement, MediLynx will make every effort to collect the appropriate amount due from your insurance company.

What if my insurance does not pay all the charges?

If your insurance provider does not initially pay for all charges submitted, MediLynx will make every reasonable attempt to collect appropriate payment from your insurance provider(s).

How much will I owe?

We understand that every patient’s insurance coverage is unique. Your insurance plan may pay in full, or for a portion of the charges, less any coinsurance or deductible. Should your insurance company issue payment directly to you for services provided by MediLynx, please forward payment and copy of corresponding EOB to us immediately.

What if I have difficulty paying my bill?

Our team of patient billing advocates will guide you through each of our patient friendly payment options and discuss financial assistance availability to those who qualify.