The complete remote arrhythmia diagnostic solution.

MediLynx provides unmatched ECG services for practices and patients. The only continuous detection, classification, and transmission of every heartbeat for more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions, enabling patient cost reduction.

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PocketECG Interactive Report Guide

Investigate the unique features of PocketECG’s report with the PocketECG Interactive Report Guide, a tool that will navigate you through the report’s detailed statistics and information, graphical breakdowns of patient arrhythmia burden by arrhythmia type, information on patient-triggered events and symptoms, and customizing reports to meet your needs.

ECG Signal, Symptom Tracking, Physical Activity Monitoring All-in-One Device

PocketECG is FDA approved as a unified Holter, event, and telemetry monitoring system. Unlike other arrhythmia monitors that capture ECG snapshots triggered by an arrhythmia event, PocketECG-Telemetry was engineered to continuously stream full disclosure ECG signal for up to 30 days. This means PocketECG captures the onset and offset of every arrhythmia. It also classifies morphology for each heartbeat.

PocketECG allows patients to report symptoms such as chest pain, dizziness, or heart palpitations with the touch of a screen.

In addition, utilizing a built-in accelerometer, physical activity monitoring allows clinicians to more accurately distinguish between heart rate changes at rest, during physical activity, and during an arrhythmia event—all with one easy-to-use device.

Armed with a complete data set, advanced Holter quality algorithms, and a highly trained ECG technical team, MediLynx provides you will full statistical analysis and reporting.

Our industry leading fully annotated, color-coded reports are a favorite among physicians and nurses. Reports include full statistical summaries with representative EKG strips, burdens for all arrhythmia types, and true onset and offset of arrhythmia events. Click here to see why more physicians prefer our reports­.

We make precise diagnosis possible for even the toughest cases

PocketECG may be available as a mobile telemetry monitor, an event monitor, or as a Holter monitor.

Requirements across insurance plans may vary, and prescribing providers should consider any coverage, eligibility, and documentation requirements applicable to each patient’s insurance plan when ordering service.

PocketECG-Telemetry is a premium service, and not all insurers provide coverage for mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry service. PocketECG-Telemetry wirelessly transmits the entire EKG signal continuously for up to 30 days and utilizes advanced Holter-type algorithms to classify every heartbeat, including complete PVC and PAC counts.  All data is confirmed, and reports include complete statistics, along with representative EKG strips. PocketECG-Telemetry provides a Holter quality report for up to 30 days.

PocketECG-Event provides many advantages over traditional event monitors, including advanced algorithms, as well as wirelessly transmitted data of patient-triggered or system-detected event data, including all ventricular and supraventricular runs of any duration. All transmitted data is confirmed, and reports include detailed statistics and representative EKG strips.

PocketECG-Holter may be prescribed for a 24-hour duration, and provides many advantages over traditional Holter monitors, including wireless transmission of the entire EKG signal and symptomatic patient triggered data continuously for the entire monitoring duration. All transmitted data is confirmed, and reports include complete statistics along with representative EKG strips.