Trans-Telephonic Event Monitors (TTM)

With Trans-Telephonic Event Monitors (TTM), patients transmit the recorded data via a landline telephone to a MediLynx ECG tech center where our technicians analyze the ECG data and compile physician reports.

Looping Event Monitor

The Heartrak Smart AF™ is a monitor used to track and record arrhythmia events for up to thirty days. Heartrak automatically detects Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Atrial Fibrillation, and Pauses. The monitor records multiple events, employing looping memory to capture data before and after activation, which can then be transmitted by telephone to a physician’s office.

Non-Looping/Post – Event Monitor

Our Heartrak 2™ and Integrated Medical Devices Model 1000 are easy-to-use hand-held monitors that allows for the capture of symptomatic events. Patients can conveniently carry these small devices in a pocket or purse. TTM Event Monitors (Trans-Telephonic Event Monitors): TTM include auto-trigger looping event monitors, looping event monitors, and hand-held event monitors. With TTM Event monitors, patients transmit the recorded data via a landline telephone. MediLynx’s ECG monitoring center will receive the data and compile reports for the physician based on the transmitted data.