Working with MediLynx

The MediLynx Arrhythmia Diagnostics Platform™ and PocketECG® aren’t the only advantages at your fingertips.

Personalized patient support

We aim to provide your patients a comfortable, trouble-free monitoring experience.

When your patients have questions, they can speak with an in-house specialist.

Our Patient Billing Advocates walk your patients through what is covered under their plans, their coinsurance and/or deductible responsibilities.

We offer patient-friendly payment programs and needs-based financial assistance to patients who may have difficulty paying their bill.

Outstanding clinical services and support

Image of a happy nurse talking on the phone

Let us be an extension of your practice.

  • You get clinical support and 24-hour arrhythmia analysis and reporting to help ensure accurate diagnosis and study management.
  • We deliver full, onsite in-service training for your clinical team to make sure they are comfortable with their patients’ enrollment, device connections, and device operation.
  • We train your team on how to use and navigate the MediLynx Clinician Portal, diagnostic reports, and patient services.
  • The MediLynx Billing Advocates are available to assist your patients with insurance related questions.
  • Our reports downloader reduces staff time and billing errors for your practice management personnel.

Tools for billing support and EHR integration

MediLynx Connect is a seamless EHR integration toolkit that streamlines clinical workflow, letting your team focus on patient care instead of paperwork.

MediLynx Connect helps your team:

Eliminate Risk

Eliminate the risk of transcription errors that arise from manual data entry

Easily Order Results

Order tests and receive results directly within your EHR system

Easy Access

Easily access all relevant patient data, including ECG results, in a single location

If your EHR system supports HL7v2 messaging via web APIs, the MediLynx Connect accelerated implementation package gives you a fast, cost-effective integration path that lets you avoid deploying new onsite hardware and software.